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Feel-good vegan pampering in Montreal

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We’re dedicated to the vegan way of life—as evidenced by everything in our collections—and love seeing how many awesome companies are now dedicated to it too. That’s why we put together this list of 7 pampering, beautifying and spa spots you can find in Montreal that are totally vegan—because we want YOU to benefit from them too!

V & O Salon

Who doesn’t love a good mani? V & O Salon, located in super fun neighbourhood Saint-Henri, is the first organic and vegan salon in Montreal. They use 100% chemical-, toxic- and animal cruelty-free products for their mani, pedi, sugaring and facial services! So treat yourself, a friend or your mom to a sweeeet relaxing moment in this charming little place.

La Loge

Nothing beats a good facial or massage to re-energize yourself. One of our go-to places is La Loge, in Mile End, a salon-spa that offers multiple treatments, including Swedish massages, an array of facials, and specialties like skin peelings and hair removal (both less painful than they sound!). Best of all, they exclusively use 100% certified organic products with a focus on plant-based ingredients, so you know your skin is only getting the best.

La Chapelle Barbershop

Both the previously mentioned spots welcome men, of course, but this one’s distinctly gentlemen oriented. This Plateau barbershop is walk-in only—for that spur-of-the-moment hairdo—and uses 100% vegan products! We love their punk-rock attitude, their talent, and their quirky sense of humour. I mean, they have cats floating in space and singing on their website. Love.

Comptoir Urbain

Comptoir Urbain is one of those small vegan café-boutiques you’ll stumble upon and marvel. Located in Monkland Village in NDG, it combines a lovely café with foods sold in bulk, fresh local produce—and organic skin care. Plus, they offer workshops from time to time (chakra balancing tips, anyone?), so make sure to like their Facebook page to stay in the loop.


English company Lush is one of those legendary vegan success stories. With over 850 boutiques worldwide, including a couple in Montreal, they’ll provide you with a great selection of skin, hair and cosmetic products. Handmade, animal-cruelty free, ethically sourced, made from fresh ingredients… you name it! These are self-care goodies you can feel great about.

Gré fave 😍 Cup O’Coffee Face Mask

The Body Shop

Head over to the “shop by concern” section on the Body Shop’s website to get suggestions of products based on exactly what you need in terms of skin care. Or shop in person in one of their Montreal stores—they’ll provide great personalized tips! Fighting against animal-cruelty, they’re petitioning the Canadian government to ban animal testing. Add your name too, either online on in-store.


You probably already know Rachelle-Béry for its grocery store section, but did you know they also offer cosmetics? The makeup and cosmetics brands they carry are as healthy as their food—aka worry-free shopping, based on natural, plant-based ingredients that heal as well as beautify.

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