Style city: How to dress like a Montrealer

Style city: How to dress like a Montrealer

Jan 02, 2024Isa Tousignant

Naked & Famous jeans, Frank and Oak shirts, WANT Les Essentiels bags — you’ve probably seen these labels all over the world, but they’re all based right here in Montréal. Add to that the constant new stream of designers popping up, and you’ve got quite the style-rich city. Here’s a quick Montréal streetwear guide, from us to you.

Pedram Karimi 

The perfect tension between casual and impeccably constructed, Pedram Karimi’s super wearable designs are known for their draping, finesse and avant-garde twist. 

Le Cartel

Hip fleeces, hoodies, tuques and scarves are Le Cartel’s jam. Created by an art collective that also makes prints, it’s a beloved local brand — camp out on their site to nab new gear as soon as it drops.


Also the brainchild of an artist, Pony is Gabrielle Tittley’s brand of posters, tuques, crewnecks and tees illustrated with quirky messages of hope and hilarity. 


The Belzile-Maguire sisters launched their shoe brand to offer a slow-made, high-quality alternative to big shoe conglomerates like Aldo (also a Montréal success story). 


Montréal knows how to do winter — and Olmsted is one of the brands that proves it best. This outerwear brand serves up style and warmth hand in hand.

Ça va de soi

Refined sweaters slow-made from natural fibres since 1972: Ça va de soi is an iconic Montréal brand whose stylish HQ on Boulevard Saint-Laurent has been serving up unwavering quality for decades.


Noémie Vaillancourt’s high style brand is event-worthy but also street friendly, replete with perfectly tailored but understated dresses and blouses in luscious textiles like organza and silk. 


The perfect lines and minimalist (and monochromatic) handbag designs of this leather brand add unerring style to function. The workmanship is second-to-none.


Basics live here. From the perfect sweatsuit to flawless tees and classic chinos, JJJJound will outfit you with timeless staples and lasting quality.


This streetwear’s collectible crewnecks and otherwise cool comfy-wear are widely worn by locals, and for good reason. The colours are fire and the cuts are perfect.

Mercy House

Take basics to the next level with this edge-dwelling brand, fit for cozy Sundays but well at home out and about. The oversize cargo sweats are new classics.

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