About Gré

Gré is a brand of handmade original goods created by Isa Tousignant in Montréal, Canada, to celebrate colour and form in a wearable way. Gré means ‘whimsy,’ in French, but also ‘will,’ ‘fantasy,’ ‘desire’... it’s one of those amazing malleable words that depends on context for meaning. In a similar way, every Gré pieces holds its own place in the world, and is completely one-of-a-kind. You’ll never meet anyone else with exactly your Gré — that means no embarrassing same-outfit scenes at any of your future parties.

We carefully source precious and semi-precious stones from around the world to make pieces that are high-low, mixing nature’s bounty with manmade materials. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires sit alongside brass, glass and polymers in our unique designs, shortlisted for Etsy’s 2021 Design Awards and selected to be part of Simon’s 2022 Euphoria capsule.

Each piece is made at the snail’s pace of sweat-blood-and-tears (but mostly tears of joy!) handiwork.