Gré’s quick guide to stones and their magical meanings

Adamite encourages communication and can assist in moving out of passive mode and into an active, dynamic and expressive relationship with others and the world around you. 

Agate is a stone of relaxation, calm, cleansing, balance, reflection, vitality and grounding. It stimulates analytical abilities, awakes hidden latent talents and helps abolish stress. 

Amazonite encourages universal love, the marriage of intellect with intuition and self-determination. 

Amethyst promotes love, selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It is a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes anxiety and balances mood swings.  

Ametrine unites masculine and feminine energies, promoting balance, tranquility and inner peace.  

Aquamarine inspires higher states of consciousness. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go.  

Apatite supports passion without guilt, and balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It induces openness and social ease. 

Apopholite calms and cleanses the mind, shining white light capable of projecting into new astral spaces and deep insight.

Auburn agate quiets overwhelming desires. It’s a stone of relaxation, calm, cleansing, balance, reflection, vitality and grounding. 

Aventurine is a stone of leadership, decisiveness and creativity. It also unites the intellectual and emotional selves and enables living within one’s own heart. 

Azurite enhances spiritual openness and expands the mind. It can help push you to make the quantum leap needed to understand how different areas of interest are interconnected. 

Black agate is a grounding and protective crystal that inspires a calming peace and enhances an inner strength that helps move on after loss. 

Blue quartz is a master healer that reaches out to others, inspires hope and calms the mind. It also instills mental clarity and self-discipline that fires up creativity. 

Blue fluorite increases self-confidence and helps boost positivity, balance energies, and improve coordination both physically and mentally. 

Blue goldstone, made from quartz sand and copper particles, is a protective stone that wards off negative forces. It brings good fortune, lucky breaks and happy happenstance. 

Blue lace agate is the stone of starting over: its peaceful tone is full of gentle strength and reinvention. 

Black tourmaline wards of negative energies, tension and stress, and increases physical vitality. 

Brown jade has the force of longevity, self-sufficiency, purity and serenity. 

Carnelian provides an energetic wave of potency and courage. It’s a stabilizing stone with high energy that encourages inner faith and intuition. 

Celestine drives to a higher purpose, inspiring inner peace, quiet, space, and spirit. It whispers of connection with other realms. 

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes camaraderie and good will. It absorbs negative energy to bring the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony.  

Citrine helps let to go of the past, recharge, and replenish natural wisdom and emotional balance. It’s a stone of abundance and generosity. 

Cubic zirconia is believed to improve focus, increase clarity and release the ego. It’s known to be grounding. 

Dalmatian jasper encourages playfulness and the joy of letting loose. It has a grounding energy and a strengthening effect on family bonds and long-term friendships. 

Emerald is imbued with freshness, symbolizing hope and the future, renewal and growth. This precious stone also inspires the search for meaning, justice, compassion and harmony. 

Fire opal awakens all passions, from bodily desires to spiritual ecstasy. It’s a great stimulator of creative energy and the expression of self through art.  

Flame aura quartz brings the body into balance, activates the energy centres and brings in vibrant energy and zest for life. 

Garnet inspires love and devotion and removes inhibitions and taboos. Opening the heart, it bestows self-confidence, courage and hope. 

Green amethyst boosts love and compassion and helps bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual world. It promotes a connection with nature and journeys of self-discovery. 

Green jade is symbolic of good luck and friendship, wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelled negativity and truth seeking at all times.  

Green kyanite encourages speaking one’s truth and embracing one’s true identity. 

Hematoid calcite is an amplifier and cleanser of energies that stimulates insight and enhances personal magnetism. 

Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. It sustains and supports through times of stress and brings tranquility and wholeness. 

Labradorite is a stone of transformation and magic said to clear, balance and protect the aura. 

Lapis lazuli opens the heart to love and stimulates personal and spiritual power. It possesses enormous serenity and harmonizes body, emotions, mind and spirit. 

Lava rock can be used for grounding, protection and making a connection to the earth. It roots scattered energy, inspires focus and helps embrace practicality. 

Lavender moon quartz is a hazy, dreamy stone that invites softness, self-love and a restful energy. 

Lemon quartz is believed to aid in the building, concentration and magnification of one’s thoughts and knowledge. 

Mookaite jasper is invigorating, full of vitality and brings with it a willingness to accept change and seek new experiences. 

Moonstone is a talisman of the inward journey. It calms and encourages and helps connect to the natural rhythms of life. 

Obsidian is a talisman of those who dare to see – the past, the future, even life’s darkest truths. It’s not for the brave of heart, but promises deep revelations! 

Orpiment stimulates the intellect and provides insight into that which needs to be done. It’s particularly well suited to anyone going through changes as it eases transition and serves as a protection talisman.

Peach agate has a gentle, nurturing energy that can quietly boost creativity and help initiate life transformation. 

Peridot, a stone of compassion, is said to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships by balancing emotions and mind. It also brings delight and good cheer. 

Phantom quartz is perfect for cleansing; symbolic of universal awareness, it inspires the shedding of layers to reveal core truths. 

Pink jade is a stone of love, said to encourage the blossoming of relationships and romance. 

Pink opal helps calm and soothe, clearing the heart to inspire gentleness, love, peace and hope. 

Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and connectivity with the elemental forces. 

Pyrite is synonymous with achievement, full potential, focus and positivity.  

Quartz has renowned powers of all-around healing and energy enhancement. 

Rainbow tourmaline cleanses, purifies and ground spiritual energy, clears and balances the aura and creates a protective shield around the body. 

Red agate increases self-confidence, concentration and perception. 

Ruby is a fiery precious stone that give confidence a kick-start. It’s a booster of self-worth, personal strength, adventurousness and risk-taking. 

Sapphire is a precious stone of wisdom, a stone of learning, mental acuity and spiritual truth. Its pure sky colours lend the ability to see beneath surface appearances—and the insight to utilize that knowledge. 

Selenite calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquility to its wearer. It can help attain mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind any problem. 

Smokey herkimer assists in detoxification of the psychic sort; it’s an antidote to stress that enhances virility and promotes oneness with the world. 

Smokey quartz is an anchor to the natural world. It initiates movement of primal forces within the body, brings strength and stability and graces its wearer with physical pride. 

Snakeskin agate puts joie de vivre in overdrive. It helps calm internal chatter to promote a state of inner quiet and inner peace. 

Sodalite brings order and calm, encouraging rational thought, intuition and the ability to put feelings in words with a cool head. 

Sunstone encourages independence and originality, is inspirational in revealing talents, and attracts unexpected prosperity. 

Topaz encourages true love and fidelity, friendship and enhances a gentle nature. It’s also synonymous with courage, wisdom and all-around success. 

Tourmaline is thought to bring healing powers. It’s a receptive stone, which means that it’s soothing, calming and magnetic, promoting meditation, spirituality, wisdom and mysticism. 

Turquoise is a protective stone as well as a symbol of wisdom, nobility, luck and immortality. 

Vanadinite is a stone of adventure, curiosity, risk and playfulness that inspires freedom from structures or expectations, both from within and out.

Vesuvianite releases feelings of imprisonment and restraint, dissolves anger and alleviates fear and negativity. It helps promote a sense of inner security, opens the mind and stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover.

Yellow fluorite heightens intuitive powers, helps inspire mental order and enables cooperation. It sharpens concentration and promotes quick thinking. 

Yellow jade carries powers of longevity, happiness and a sense of interconnectedness with all living beings. It’s energizing and stimulating, with a mellowness that equates joy.

Yellow opal is a healing stone, said to aid with all efforts of transformation: whether it’s changing situations, prospects, relationships, outlooks or ourselves.

Yellow spirit quartz promotes self-awareness, forgiveness and a feeling of being centred; it’s also associated to abundance, ascension, patience, recharging.

Yellow sulphur absorbs all negative energies and helps detoxify while encouraging deep connection with inner self. It blocks old behaviours that no longer serve.

White pyrite is imbued with the spirit of boldness and assertive action—plus the ability to see the realness behind facades.