Opal crystal cuff bracelet


There’s nothing like the shine and twinkle of this luxurious silver cuff. Its pièce de résistance is a gorgeous opal still in its matrix – every time you move you’ll see new shiny shapes form in it. The biggest stone is a chunk of orange orpiment, a really fragile mineral that we’ve fully engulfed in resin for protection. Then there’s a green kyanite shard and a tiny hit of green jade, just cuz. The crystal vibes are all about optimism, enthusiasm, creativity, and the particular gung-ho gumption provided by orpiment. Go on, take the world by storm.

Solid sterling silver

Opal, orpiment, green kyanite, jade

Inner circumference: 6 inches

Opening: 1.2 inch

One size only! All our cuffs are one-of-a-kind